History of Counter-Strike

History One of the most popular games in history is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. With all the development and updates that it has gone through, it may have seemed like it was the first game of the series. However, this is anything but the truth. Counter Strike Counter Strike was the first game of the

rarest skins in csgo
Rarest Skins in CSGO

Rarest Skins in CSGO What is actually the rarest skins in csgo? In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, skins have become one of the most important aspects of the game. They have become such a big part that websites have even developed their entire gambling system around them. However, although it may seem like skins are

holding angles on mirage
Holding Angles on Mirage

Holding angles on mirage Holding angles is a common term in Counter-Strike. More commonly used on the Counter-Terrorist side, holding an angle is when a player uses a wall or object as cover from the enemy’s line of fire, while still being able to clearly see them. It is used to give a player an