Best awp skins in csgo

Best awp skins in CSGO is a blog post that covers the most populair awp skins in csgo – and there are some quite expensive once inbetween.

Best AWP Skins in CS:GO

Many players will tell you that the AWP is
their favorite gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The rifle is a bit slow
but has enough power to kill enemies with just a single shot. Here are some of
our favorite AWP skins to customize your gun with.

AWP Asiimov

Added to the game as part of the Operation
Phoenix update, the AWP Asiimov is one of the most desired skins in the game.
The skin has a sci-fi inspired custom paint job. Players tend to have polarized
opinions about this sniper rifle skin but it is one of the most prominent. At
around 30 to 50$ for the normal version and upwards of a 100$ for the Stat-Trak
variant, the Asiimov skin certainly isn’t cheap.

AWP Redline

If you’re looking for something on the
cheaper end, the AWP Redline skin is another popular one. The textured carbon
fiber finish looks great. This skin will cost you just a bit above 10$ for the
Field-Tested variation, which is most common. Even the rarer versions aren’t
too expensive, so this may be a good skin if you have less money to spend but
still want a great looking weapon. For anyone looking to create a classy
loadout on a budget, the AWP Redline is a must-have.

AWP Dragon Lore

This is one of the most expensive skins in
the game. The skin has a custom paint job with a roaring dragon and an
interesting mix of colors. The beige, orange and yellow contrast well, making the
weapon stand out. This makes it one of the most visually striking finishes in
the game. The skin is a part of The Cobblestone Collection and has just 0.0004%
chance of being uncrated. This means that the weapon sells for over a 1000$ on
the Steam Community Market. One particular skin was even sold for upwards of
60000$. This one had a sticker from the Boston Major 2018’s MVP, Skadoodle.

AWP Phobos

The AWP Phobos is a great looking skin for
when you’re on a really tight budget. Even the Factory New version can be had
for less than 3$.  The metal panels give
it a rugged look and many new players prefer this finish. This skin was added
in 2016, as part of the Gamma Exposure update. This is also available as a
Stat-Trak item and even this will not set you back by more than 11$.

AWP Oni Taiji

This AWP skin combines Japanese samurai
imagery with a colorful design to give a truly unique weapon skin. The custom
paint job depicts samurai and demons called ‘Oni’ on the sniper rifle. This
won’t appeal to everybody but it’s easy to see why it is the favorite skin of
many players. This skin is available in all wears and prices start from 30$.
These can go up to 110$ for the Factory New version. If you want a Stat-Trak
version, these can range from 100 to 400$, depending on the quality.


It’s not often that you find a sniper rifle
skin with faces of various goofy looking dogs on it. This slightly wacky skin
is a great option if you’re looking for something which is a bit off-script.
The skin is cheap too and may even rise in value over time. It was added in the
2018 A New Horizon update and can be had for as little as 2$. For Stat-Trak
variants, the prices can range from 8$ to 19$, which is decent enough for
anyone looking to get their first Stat-Trak weapons. This certainly won’t be
for everyone, but it is worth considering.

AWP Acheron

This AWP skin was released to commemorate
the FACEIT London CS:GO Championship in 2018. 
This features a hydrographic finish as bloody as you’d want to make your
opponents be. This is also decently priced, with the Factory New variant being
available for 7$. This skin is also available as a Souvenir item for which the
prices vary widely between 20$ and 200$.

AWP Sun in Leo

Often called the best cheap AWP skin, this has an elegant blue design. The zodiac motif makes it clear that this is part of the Gods and Monsters Collection, released in 2015. This finish can be obtained for as little as 2.5$, making it a favorite of gamers on a budget. This one manages to look elegant without being too flashy, and you may appreciate that fact. If you’re on the lookout for a cheap AWP skin, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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