best knife in csgo

Best knife skins in CSGO

While the game is undoubtedly fun, most people will admit that CS:GO would not be nearly as popular as it is right now if it wasn’t for the community centered around the trading and appreciation of weapon skins. The most expensive and notorious of these skins are the ones for knives, which can often reach ridiculous prices. There are many great finishes available but here are some of our favorite ones. Take a look at the best knife in csgo!

Karambit Damascus Steel

If you’re looking to go all out on your knife skin, this is a great option. It was released with the Full Spectrum update and is found in all three of its cases. It was originally released in January 2015. The metallic finish of the Damascus Steel skin really complements the curved blade of the Karambit, and as a result of this, the skin can give you a different look depending on what wear value you choose. The Factory New knife looks shinier but a more worn can look more rugged. This skin certainly isn’t cheap though and you’ll have to shell out a significant amount. The cheapest version costs around 250$ but you’ll have to spend a bit more if you want a higher quality one.

Falchion Fade

Fade skins are available for a number of
knives. They can vary a lot depending on the exact Fade percentage and so you
should keep an eye for what you want. The Falchion knife has one of the
best-looking Fade skins in the game. This was first released as part of the
Operation Bloodhound update and is found in the Falchion Case. This particular
weapon finish is only available as Factory New or Minimal Wear and even those
have very little variation. Depending on the exact Fade values as well as if
you want a Stat-Trak item, this skin will cost you anywhere from 200 to 300$.
This is a significant amount but Knife skins, in general, can be very

Bowie Knife Damascus Steel

If you like the aesthetic of the Damascus
Steel but either don’t want to spend that much on the Karambit or just don’t
like how it looks, the Bowie Knife is a good choice. The same forged metal
texture can be found on the blade. The knife often looks better in slightly
more worn conditions, as this adds to the tough but resilient look of the skin.
This particular skin was added to the Spectrum cases in March 2017 and there
are also many other Damascus Steel knives available. You can get this finish
for around 150$, with slight variations depending on the availability of each
quality. If you want the Stat-Trak versions, you can get those for a small but
significant addition to the price.

Gut Knife Doppler

This one certainly isn’t as elegant as a
Butterfly Knife or Karambit, but it has its own special charm. In fact, its
perceived lack of elegance is what makes it what it is: a no-frills weapon,
designed just for efficiently doing its own job. This knife has a menacing
appearance, but the marbleized painting of various colors, as well the candy
coating, gives it a bit of an ironic edge. This skin was added in January 2015
with Full Spectrum update and is only available as Factory New or Minimal Wear.
 The knife has various finishes which
drastically alter how it looks and, in turn, how it is priced. So, you may want
to look around for what you like best. In general, however, this is a cheap
skin and you can get many of the best variants for around 100 to 130$.

M9 Bayonet Lore

Because of its unique style, the M9 Bayonet is one of the most desired knives in the game. Additionally, the fantastic quality and variety of skins available. Of all the skins for any weapon in the game, however, might be the best of them all. The knotwork custom paint job will allow you to kill without compromising on style or elegance. The knife skin was added to CS:GO in June 2016 and can be found in the Gamma Case 1 or 2. However, because of limited availability and high demand, this finish can be really pricey. The Battle-Scarred weapon can vary from around 300 to 400$, depending on if you can find a good deal. For fans of Stat-Trak skins, you can find the equivalent skins for similar prices as normal ones. This is because, despite the relative rarity, many people don’t like how Stat-Trak knives look. The prices vary significantly according to wear though, as the Minimal Wear version costs over a 1000$ and the Factory New one can be hard to find.

That was all about the best knife in csgo, thanks for reading!

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