best m4a4 skins

Best M4A4 Skins

For fans of the M4A4, finding a good skin
for a decent price can be hard due to availability. Here are some of our
favorite finishes to consider when you want a new skin for your favorite

M4A4 Faded Zebra

If you’re looking for a skin that adds to
the vanilla rifle without detracting from the original aesthetic, the Faded
Zebra is a great option. This skin was released with The Arms Deal update and
is available in the eSports 2013 crates. This means that it is one of the
earliest skins added to the game. This skin also looks great when it is more
worn and many people may even prefer this gritty look. This weapon finish is
available for cheap too, as you can get it for around 1$. Stat-Trak Faded Zebra
skins cost around 5$, except for the Factory New version, which costs more than

M4A4 Evil Daimyo

This weapon skin combines a simple design
with a striking shade of red to make one of the best-looking weapon finishes in
the game. The minimalist design is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but if
you like that sort of skin, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better budget
option than the Evil Daimyo skin. This weapon is a part of The Falchion
Collection and was introduced in the Operation Bloodhound update. This is also
a skin that varies a lot according to the wear value. The Battle-Scarred
version looks like a completely different weapon from the sleek Factory New
weapon. What you like best really depends on your preferences but they both
look nice in our opinion. This weapon is also available as a Stat-Trak weapon.
You can get the Battle-Scarred weapon for around 3$ and the Factory New one for
7$. The price of the Stat-Trak weapon varies from 9$ to 23$.

M4A4 Dragon King

The Chroma Collection introduced some of
the flashiest and visually busy skins in the entire game. This can sometimes
come off a bit too overbearing but other times, it can just work perfectly.
This is the case with the Dragon King, which looks appealing despite some of
the details becoming a bit invisible in the noise. There’s a lot going on in
the background but it makes the weapon skin really stand out. Not to mention,
the fire breathing dragon looks pretty cool too. This is one of our favorite
M4A4 skins and a great option if you want a premium looking skin but don’t have
an unlimited budget. The skin can be had for as little as 8$ and up to 24$ if
you want the Factory New version. Stat-Trak versions of the skin can cost a bit
more but even these aren’t too expensive.

M4A4 Howl

This is one of the most controversial skins
in the game but also one of the most desired due to its rarity. No matter what
you think about the finish, this one is a part of CS:GO history. The skin was
removed from the game due to the artwork on the original paint job being found
to be stolen. This artwork was replaced and the weapon was removed from crates.
This means that there are only a limited number of this skin available. Some
people claim that the skin looks a bit tacky but many people consider it the
best M4A4 skin overall. The weapon is incredibly rare, however, and will cost
you more than a 1000$, with the exact price depending on the quality you want.
This is certainly not a great value option and you shouldn’t consider this
unless you have a virtually unlimited budget.

M4A4 The Emperor

This weapon skin was released in March 2019
with the Seeing the Light update. This makes it one of the newest skins on this
list. This weapon finish use Tarot cards as an inspiration, with a depiction of
an emperor surrounded by light. The custom paint job looks great but this skin
is a bit expensive. The price varies heavily according to the quality and wear.
The Battle-Scarred version costs an affordable 20$ but the Factory New one
costs around 200$. It’ll set you back even more if you want the Stat-Trak
version, costing up to a 1000$.

M4A4 Asiimov

Another very popular skin for the M4A4 is the Asiimov skin. This is a weird combination of retro sci-fi aesthetic and a worn rugged look that it has. The simple design looks bold and can stand out in-game.  This one is not available above Field-Tested quality but it still looks pretty great. The normal version of the skin is around 50$ but the Stat-Trak version will cost you more.

This was all we had about the best m4a4 skins – thanks for reading!

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