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CSGO developer console is a blog post about the different tips and tricks when using the developer console.

If you want to play CS:GO like a pro, you really should activate the Developer-Console, therefore in this console, you can easily make your game experience better. So in this article, I want to show you some useful tricks/commands!

The Developer Console doesn’t just show you information about how much damage you dealt with your enemy or how much you received after you died, above all no it is much more powerful!

Let us start with ‚how do I open the Console?’

To activate the Console in CS:GO, you need to go into CS:GO, and under “Game Settings,” you can see “Enable Developer Console”, therefore just tick the box (if you haven’t done it already)

In the next step, you can change the hotkey to make it more comfortable for you to open the Console, as a result you can change the hotkey, click “Control Settings,” if you scroll down there, you can see a box named “Change Key to open/close the Developer Console” – click it and press a useful Button that you like to use

ATTENTION: You should choose a key that you can open and close the Console quickly, but it never should happen by accident!

What’s the use of the Developer Console?

You can find a Developer-Console in almost every game, you can quickly change some game settings or show some more information about the game itself or in the game when you play some matches.

Damage Indicator

In CS:GO, you can see how many damages you gave to your enemy, to see that, you need to open the Console (via the hotkey you chose earlier) after you died. So you can see if you hit the enemy with a grenade or if you killed in a 1vs1 you can see if the fight was close or not, you can call your Team, and it could be beneficial for them to know how low the enemy could be. In case it’s the only enemy alife with only 1 HP, the pressure of your mates would be a little bit smaller as it would be if they think he has a full life.

Private Lobby, other Maps or different Gamemodes

The developer console is helpful to play or to do training with your friends on an own hosted server, as a result the Commands you can use to make better training with the Console will be listed a little bit lower on this article!

Settings like Crosshair or “Buy-in Scripts”

With this Console, you can make the Overlay of your game a little bit better´, therefore you can easily change the color of your crosshair and your life, and you can make some automatic buy-ins, or you can choose on which site you want to wear your weapon. Cool, isn’t it?

 How to load Maps on your server with the

Let’s come to the commands… it’s essential to be the admin/owner of the server to load maps, but if you play with friends in a private match, I’m quite sure you are all ready therefore on some servers, you have to verify yourself by typing in the password.

To load a Map, you have to type, map, and the map-code, for Dust 2, for example, you write, map de_dust2” and hit enter.

To get a better view of the already existing gamemodes / maps, I will list all pre-created settings here: 

Hostage Rescue

cs_office, cs_italy

Bomb Defusion

de_dust2, de_train, de_inferno, de_dust, de_aztec, de_nuke,
de_dust, de_dust2

Arsenal: Arms Race

ar_shoots, ar_baggage

 Arsenal: Demolition

de_lake, de_stmarc, de_sugarcane, de_bank, de_safehouse, de_shorttrain

What does this shortcut mean?

_se: this map was reworked, so it has less in-air
particles and fewer sounds so that they are useable for competitive games

_de: this is Bomb Defusion and Demolition Maps therefore the most populair types of shortcuts.

_cs: means these maps are for the Hostage Rescue game mode

_ar: are only for Arms Race

_gd: this is maps for cooperative “Guardian-Mode,”
where you have to defeat several bot waves.

Create a ”Buy-in script”

To clarify the meaning, let us first explain that a “bind” or even an “alias” is nothing more than a macro on a keyboard, furthermore if we press a certain key we set for it before, a program or a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive automatically performs a task.

The Developer Console allows us to create such purchase binds, so we can buy our complete equipment at the beginning of a round with just one touch and have more time for tactics and consultation.

This works best with tools such as the CS-GO multi-key generator (external link), therefore the first select the key on which we want the binding, all we have to do now is select our weapons, equipment and grenades, and we get a code that we can insert into the console.

Bind and Alias in detail

This does not just work when buying, therefore with the following command: “bind <key> <commands>” or “alias <name> <commands>” we can execute several commands in succession.

For example, if you want to practice on a private server you can copy this code: 

“alias training” sv_cheats 1; sv_infiniteammo 2; give weapon_flashbang; give weapon_hegrenade; give weapon_smokegrenade; give weapon_ak47 “”

  and from now on you only need to type
“training” in the console and after you hit enter, all the commands
will be done afterward.

 Cheat with the Developer Console

Yes, there are cheats in CS: GO that we can use right from the beginning, as a result of this these include, for example, some commands that give us infinite ammo or life on private servers, or that allow us to move freely through any walls, here is a short list of the most important commands:

“God” – Gives us immunity to damage

“Gods” – Gives each player immunity to

“Sv_infinite_ammo 1” – No reloading

“Sv_infinite_ammo 2” – Unlimited magazines

“Noclip” – flight mode where we can walk
through all the walls

“R_drawothermodels 0” – Hide all players & “R_drawothermodels 1” – normal state & “R_drawothermodels 2” – See all players through walls

“Sv_grenade_trajectory” – marks the
trajectory of a grenade

“Sv_showimpacts” – Marks bullet holes (blue
is server-side, red is client-side)

“Give” – Gives us a weapon along with the
weapon code

Please note: All commands of the console can not replace weapons or equipment that you already carry, therefore that means you have to drop an AWP to give you an AK-47.

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