csgo get better with awp

CSGO Get Better
with AWP

CSGO get better with awp will be a blog post about how to improve your awp skills when playing csgo

AWP is more of an intimidator than an equipment. The moment it is pointed at you, is the time you know the chances of you surviving are long gone.

Everyone wants
to be a pro AWPer but no one puts in the effort to master the art of using it.
Even if you wish to learn the right mindset and reflexes to use it, you need to
follow certain guidelines, pitfalls and techniques.

It is the deadliest weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and in the hands of an elite as a result of this it can cause havoc in the game.

get you up to speed on how to get better with AWP,

Here are some
steps and tips you need to follow;

AWP Basics

Before we get
into harnessing the true power of AWP, let’s learn about some basics of this
effective weapon.

Precise Aiming

AWP is a heavy and powerful machine, that has a high reputation in the game, it is best known as the eliminator, owing to its ability to kill an opponent with one shot and it doesn’t even have to be a head shot. A body shot would do the work.
Sound’s crazy, right? But, here’s a catch,
If you happen to miss a good shot and hit your enemy’s groin or leg, the damage that is going to be inflicted is going to be 85 percent. You have to get a proper aim before you can perform one-hit kill.

Know When to Reload

AWP shoots with a fire rate of 41.24 rounds every minute, which leaves with quite a difference if you compare it with AK-47 therefore the latter shoots a fire with the rate of 400 rounds per minute. While, AWP takes about 3.67 seconds to load.

You’re weaker the moment you stop pointing the gun at your opponent, while you are too busy loading the gun, the enemy can make the shot. The timing of your usage matters a lot. So, make sure you know exactly when to reload.

Choose a Suitable Sidearm

Yes, it’s good to buy the most beloved rifle in Counter-Strike: Global

But, You need to have a sidearm that compliments this monstrous weapon. A few options that would work perfectly with AWP can be CZ-75 or Desert Eagle while if you are looking for controlled shots, then you might want to use P250.

Tip: Stay
sharp throughout the battle because the players with a default pistols are
usually very good at aiming. They only need one shot to get a perfect kill

Know Your Playstyle

If you are
running around with AWPer, without a plan or a strategy, you are going to fail.

The best way to avoid that from happening is to know exactly how you are going to win the game, firstly, enter with a winning mentality. Secondly, either go aggressive or be defensive. Confusing yourself whether to be defensive or aggressive can get you and your teammates killed.

A better way
would be to learn the style in which your team works efficiently, then
improvise accordingly.

Otherwise, it
won’t just cost you the match but you are going to look like an amateur with

Stay Sharp

Imagine a
scenario in which you get killed, even though you were carrying an AWP.

What do you
do next?

The right thing
would be to call on your team with your location and make sure one of your
teammates gets the gun before the enemy. But, be careful while going for
this because if the enemy gets the gun, your friend might get caught in the
crossfire in an unfavorable odd.

Passive AWP-ing

The most
effective way to use AWP is to be a passive player.

Find a corner and make sure that you only have to worry about getting hit from one corner, after that you successfully find a suitable spot, you are going to be doing wonders with that beast of a gun., therefore a good cover means, more time to place your shot and reload.

One thing that
you might want to worry about while going in passive mode, that is zooming. As
a passive player, you only have one job to do and that is maximum scoped-in.
You’ve got two zoom settings; one is further out and the other is a magnified

AWP is a great weapon that can turn the tide of the game if you know how to use it therefore make sure you enter the game with full focus and a firm plan.

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