csgo get better with rifle

CSGO get better with rifle

Global Offensive
is a highly competitive game. If
you are a part of this game, you know why rifles are one of the most used and
effective weapons.

The clinical
finish not only makes you look but it also a game-changer. You can turn the
tables during any event of the match if you know how to properly use an assault
rifle. Assault rifles being used along with the most beloved gun of CS: GO is
a deadly combination that help you win matches.

Reasons why?

They are accurate and can penetrate armor like no other, therefore they are the true weapon of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive warrior and you must be a pro at using assault rifles, if you want to be looked upon as a top player.

Tips to Get Better with Assault

What makes you a
good player other than the knowledge of maps and your team play? Your aim.

Let’s look
into some ways you can get better at the art of aiming;

Placement of Crosshair

Player who knows
how to pull-off a headshot, is always the more dangerous one.

Always try to
practice by placing your crosshair on the head of the opponent because one-shot
kill is better than giving your enemy a chance to retaliate.

Your crosshair placement is the key to improving your aim so why not indulge in practicing it, go for the corner of the wall or an obstacle. This way you will need to move very less of your crosshair while aiming.

Another crucial point to remember for you, is the distance, and while you are peeking around a corner, make sure that you have a habit of aiming for the head.

Learn the

The more familiar you are with the maps, the better you know your enemy’s defense tactics. Use the technique of pre-aiming, as a result it will help you to be ready to take the shot as soon as the enemy comes from behind the lines.

Note: Your
enemy might think that you are cheating because of how quickly you will aim.

Your Movement and Shooting

Learn to move
precisely during combat while keeping your aim still intact.

Either you are
going in for the sidestep or strafe shooting, always try to keep your motion
such as it doesn’t hurt your aim. Your motion should be in sync with your

Tip: While
strafing, you lose your precision of your aim and as soon as you stop strafing,
you slide for a short while. So, to make sure that your aim is accurate, tap in
the opposite direction (only once).

While you are
shooting at your enemy, always move right and left to make sure that you are
not an easy target to shoot and do that while keeping your aim.

Yes, it
requires practice and you need to put in the effort.

Go slower, aim better and try to hit the same spot again and again as a result of this gradually build the pace of your game or you might risk losing under the pressure of combat.

Learning the Spray Patterns

Begin to learn
the spray patterns because if you don’t know how to control the recoil your
gun, it will get harder for you to control your aim and you might lose on a
straight-shooting battle with your opponent.

Let us tell you
something for a fact,

When you are
playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, only the first couple of
bullets go where you are aiming, rest of them move into different directions
depending upon the recoil pattern of your gun.

It is also
called the spray pattern. Every gun has its own spray pattern that shows the
direction in which the crosshair is going to move in.

How to learn
spray pattern?

The simplest and
most effective way to learn and better your game with rifle is to empty a
magazine on a wall. Guns tend to move left or right depending upon the recoil
associated with them.

In order to
counter this recoil effect, simply move the direction of your player in the
opposite to your direction in which your weapon’s recoil is going.

For instance,

If the recoil of your weapon goes in the right direction, the best way to counter is to move the cursor in the left direction. Although it will take a lot of practice and time from you but once you master this, you are going to get good with rifle which lays the foundation for any pro player.

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