One of the most popular games in history is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. With all the development and updates that it has gone through, it may have seemed like it was the first game of the series. However, this is anything but the truth.

Counter Strike

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Counter Strike was the first game of the series. Created in 1999, it was intended to be a mod for the popular game Half-Life. After it picked up traction, Valve, the creators of Half-Life, bought the mod. After buying the game, Valve was determined to make more games related to it. It then received the famous 1.6 update, which placed it in the spotlight of many gamers. The update brought new life to the game, and many people enjoyed it.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero

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The next game in the Counter Strike series was Condition Zero. Released in March of 2004, it was slightly different than the original game. While still featuring a multiplayer mode like the first game, it also introduced players to two single player campaigns, titled Tour of Duty and Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. This game was not popular for long, due to the next game released in the series. Despite it being an old game, in 2013, Valve released versions for Linux and Mac OS.

Counter Strike: Source

Undoubtedly one of the most played games in the series, Counter Strike: Source was released in November of 2004, just 8 months after the release of Condition Zero. The game was released as a remake of the original game, and hence the name, it ran on Valve’s new Source engine. It was even used for other games that ran on the Source engine, like Valve’s Garry’s Mod. The textures that are used for Source are used in many custom Garry’s Mod servers. If you don’t have CSS, Garry’s Mod displays purple and black boxes. Valve did this because most people had the game and it was easy to use the textures from source.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Many years after CSS, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012. It is the most recent game in the series, and by far the most popular. After the release, the game gained a lot of traction due to old gamers that played the previous games trying out the new title. Due to the fresh graphics and the nostalgic Counter Strike gamemode. Still running on the Source engine, it had a few bugs, but the developers worked hard to fix those. When Valve released in-game skins, the game took off like a rocket. The skins sparked a whole new marketplace in the steam community, with the rarest ones almost treated like life savings. Along with the release of their new CS:GO gamemode, Danger Zone, Valve made the game free-to-play. This introduced a lot of controversy in the community. However, the game still remained one of the most played games ever.

Total History

The Counter Strike series is one of the longest standing series in video game history. Since the original release of Counter Strike in 1999, the series has gained millions of players and billions of views. Still receiving constant updates today, the game is determined to stay up to date with the competition and is driving to remain a popular game.

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