holding angles on mirage

Holding angles on mirage

Holding angles is a common term in Counter-Strike. More commonly used on the Counter-Terrorist side, holding an angle is when a player uses a wall or object as cover from the enemy’s line of fire, while still being able to clearly see them. It is used to give a player an advantage when engaging an enemy, increasing their chances of killing the enemy.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very competitive game that can take countless hours to master. With so many components, it has become one of the most popular video games out there. And with so many players and constant updates, the skills that players need to learn to become the best are being changed continuously. However, there is one skill that is imperative to becoming a master of the game.


Mirage is the most popular map in Counter-Strike, and with a lot of popularity comes a lot of knowledge of the map. Players and coaches have used this knowledge to develop the best angles to hold, and when they should be used. These angles can be the deciding factor of a match, so they are crucial to a player’s success.

A Bombsite

A Bombsite is one of the best places to have gunfights. With so much cover, it is dependent on one’s skill and not luck. This makes firebox such a fantastic angle to hold. It gives Counter-Terrorists a slim area to see and shoot the terrorists coming from ramp while staying concealed behind the barrels. When Terrorists are running onto the bombsite, they are normally watching ticket booth or jungle, so this is an angle that they don’t expect. Because of this, players don’t normally have bullets coming at them, due to the lack of knowledge on the Terrorist side. Overall, this is one of the best angles to hold on A bombsite, and it can lead to great success.

B Bombsite

B Bombsite is widely known for all of the angles that it possesses. With so many different rooms and objects to hide behind, it’s one of the hardest for the terrorists to breach. This is where map knowledge comes into play. When holding B apartments, an AWP is one of the best weapons. The ability to double scope down apartments allows for some plays that make you seem like a global elite. To line up this angle, simply jump onto the van and up into apartments. Then, line yourself up with the left side of the wall, double scope in, and slowly move to the right until you can just see the light at the entrance to apartments. Then, hold the angle and wait for the terrorists to file in like lamb to the slaughter.


On Mirage, middle is one of the places that can go either way. There are many smokes that Terrorists can throw from their spawn to cover the window, allowing them passage down mid. However, it’s been well documented that as a Counter-Terrorist, you can throw your own one way smokes, giving you the upper hand. A one way smoke is a term for a smoke grenade thrown in a position which gives one side the upper hand. The most common spot to hold in mid is the right hand side of the window. However, if you want to watch tunnels, simply jump onto the wooden structure next to the hole from spawn to the window. This will allow you to see anybody that is going on catwalk or people coming from tunnels. 

Overall Strategy

It is recommended that you have two people on B site, one person on A, and two people watching middle when Holding angles on mirage, with one being easily able to rotate to A. This setup is ideal because it allows the defenders to hold the advantage by holding angles. Remember that even a pixel can make the difference between confirming the kill and succumbing to defeat.

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