How many play csgo

How many play CSGO is a blog post that will cover how many people that play csgo across the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, otherwise known as CS: GO is a shooting video game that has reached immense global recognition.

It is a product
of Hidden Path Entertainment along with its successful collaboration
with Valve Corporation. As a series of Counter Strike, it is the fourth
part of the game that was released in 2012, 12th August to be


It has been
known to reach great heights of fame. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was
released across several platforms such as Microsoft Windows for the PC
gamers, PlayStations 3 and Xbox 360 for the console lover and
finally for the Linux.

Though the
release of Linux version was delayed till August 2014.

Growth of CS: GO

Although the Counter
had a massive fan following since its beginning but still, some of
the critics were not happy about a few things in the game.

Some of the
negative aspects made evident by the critics of Counter Strike: Global

  • Early features of the game were
    not as good as they should have been
  • There was a prominent
    difference between the gaming experience of PC and console version

These two issues
by the critics were enough to raise some eyebrows, but the question remained.

Was it just to
its predecessors?
Yes, it indeed was. From its
gameplay to the storyline, it was faithful to its predecessors.

To your

This game
released by one of the greatest franchises in the world received almost 11
million players every month.

Can you even
imagine that?

It’s huge.

There have been
competitions which held certain challenges for the players; tournaments took
place all around the world with hefty winning prizes and a number of sponsors were
always seen lined up in support of this game.

Features in the Game

Strike: Global Offensive
works on the story that
revolves around two teams, one is the team of Terrorists and the other are
Anti-Terrorists or Counter Terrorists. They both serve the same goal and that
is to eliminate the other.

While trying to
do so, they also have to complete side missions, which reach completion after
you are done with the associated objectives.

Terrorists need
to either plant a bomb or defend the hostages while the Counter-terrorists have
to defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages. Basically, it’s one against the

CS: GO Concurrent Players

It’s no wonder
that CS: GO might be one of the most anticipated games around the world.

Not long ago,

A massive 587.72
concurrent players were recorded in June 2019. The highest
peak Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ever reached was back in April
and the number reach up to 850.5 thousand gamers.

These numbers
are unimaginable if you think all the gamers were playing at the same time.

Even to this
very day,

Global Offensive
is going strong as ever, despite
being released in 2012. To put into your knowledge, this amazing game is
so popular among the gamers, that it reached more than 20 million active
users on monthly basis. This record of January 2019 is double as to what
it was back in May 2016.

More Than Just A Game

Global Offensive
might simply be a game for a lot
of players around the globe, who play it for fun or entertainment.


It is a way of
making a name in the world of Counter-Strike for many. The tournaments
held specifically for the session of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is
sponsored by top notch brands worldwide. The trend has been growing since the
release of the game.

You must have
come across famous names such as the IEM Katowice 2019 or another major
tournament that was hosted by the name of ELEAGUE Major 2018.

One of the
biggest accomplishments of the game include the viewership of ELEAGUE Major
that reached up to an astounding 1.9 million viewers.

The ridiculous
amounts of money that are given as a prize pool are another thing to shine some
light upon. The cumulative prize money for the tournaments went up to 22.65
million United States Dollars
in 2018. Not just in 2018, but
for the previous two years, the prize pool was high as well.

It becomes a
chance for many gamers to grab the winning prize and earn their big payday by
playing well in these tournaments.

I mean, who
wouldn’t want to get paid just to play their favorite game?

We can’t ignore the fact that CS: GO is in fact, the real deal.

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