ranks in csgo danger zone

Ranks in csgo danger zone is a blog post about how the ranks in the new populair game mode works.

Yet again, Counter
Strike: Global Offensive
surprises its fan with its recent update.

It was about
time that the developers came up with an update in the game that would interest
its players to dig in deep. Realizing this, Counter Strike: Global Offensive
has launched a new patch which introduced ranking system in their Danger

Danger Zone was an addition that was made not long ago. It was introduced in
order to take the fast-paced gaming experience to the next level.

What is Danger Zone

If you are
wondering what is Danger Zone? Let us clear that confusion for you.

is a Battle Royale game mode that allows 16
players or 18 players in a single or duos mode respectively, to compete against
each other. The damage inflicted or the variety of the weapons is the same as it
was in the conventional Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

One of the most
appreciated factors about this mode is, the time limit. The matches are shorter
than before, that last up to 10 minutes.

There is a
special tracking device that lets you track the enemy on a tablet carried by a


You start the
game with just a knife in your hand while the weapons that have been purchased
are delivered directly to your current position through the delivery drone.

There is an
option to bring hostages in the rescue zone and several bucks that you can find
in your surroundings. The map that you play in goes by the name of Blacksite.
The map is occasionally bombarded with air strikes.

Although, you may find the purchased weapons easily but, the ammo is

The matching
players are selected by your status. If you happen to own CS: GO beforehand,
then you are going to be matched with prime players.


This amazing
game mode has 15 rankings that start from Lab Rat I and go on till Howling

The rankings are
as follows:

  • Lab Rat I
  • Lab Rat II
  • Sprinting Hare I
  • Sprinting Hare II
  • Wild Scout I
  • Scout II
  • Wild Scout Elite
  • Hunter Fox I
  • Hunter
    Fox II
  • Hunter Fox III
  • Hunter Fox Elite
  • Timber Wolf
  • Ember Wolf
  • Wildfire Wolf
  • The Howling Alpha

Lab Rat I is the lowest of all the ranks which runs up to the maximum rank of Howling
The in-between ranks comprise two ranks of Lab Rat and Sprint
three ranks of Wild Scout, four ranks of Hunter Fox, a
timber wolf, wildfire wolf
and finally The Howling Alpha.

Surely, these
ranks seem tempting enough.

Good News:
Your skill group is going to be displayed in the main menu.

A great thing
about skill group is that the spectators can view it after the end of the


you don’t need
to worry about being on the same level as your friend because you can
partner-up without the restriction of being around the similar levels.

At times the
players have disliked this feature because they get ranked with gamers that
have zero experience while on other occasions, they get ranked with silver

User Reviews

There have been many mixed reviews from the fans.

Some of the
community members believe it to be a change in the traditional matchmaking
while some believe that this kind of update wasn’t needed and the effort put in
this update should instead be put in improving gameplay.


the reaction of some
of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans was not as positive as the
developers must have suspected.

On the other

this induction
of ranks in the danger zone is believed to be the breakthrough CS: GO needed
to increase its fan base.

How does the ranking work?

The main format
of the ranking is not yet clear but it seems as if the players are awarded
their first rank after 10 matches.

There is no
confirmation whether or not the previous experiences or the performances have
any sort of affects on the ranking but it surely weighs in when it comes to the
next matches.

The ranks in the
Danger Zone, lets players show-off their ranks in more publicly fashion
with its display in the main menu. The players need to constantly up their game
in order to climb the ranking ladder.

All in all,

The improvement
in the game has surely created an entirely different type of fan base that
plays the game for the sake of entertainment instead of any competition.

It is interesting to see that fans are finally embracing the creativity.

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