FAQ CollectSkins (Frequently asked questions)

We made a simple FAQ for collectskins which you can read below. Should you have any further questions about the site please refer to our support section which include a description of the major functionalities on our site. Do you have further questions or problems please head to our discord channel and we will be sure to help you out!

General questions

You can earn coins by heading to our earn coins section, choose between surveys, videos, mobile apps, mobile games & one click offers.

Coins arrive at your account when the offerwall approves your offer, if more than 24 hours has passed please contact the offerwall with proof of completion.

  1. Posting about games must be in the game chat!
  2. If you dont speak english and speak another language please change rooms in top left of chat to the “other” room.
  3. You are not allowed to post any pornographic material whatsoever in the chat.
  4. You are not allowed to spam and post referal links/codes in the chat.
  5. Do not beg for skins in the chat – everyone is here to earn a free skin!
  6. In general be nice to everyone and not racial.
  7. Moderators and Admins always have the final decision on whether or not you violate these terms and are at any time allowed to remove messages!
  8. If you got muted in chat it will either be a certain timeframe or permanently

Due to some users completing offers fraudlently we have made a security system that hold back offers for 30 days. If you want to increase this limit please verify your account using your phone number and steam account.

Yes of course! But don’t ask us – ask our users that have made more than 100,000 withdraws! Or take a look at our Trustpilot!

The reason you have been muted would be if you violated some chat rules (like spamming or posting scam links). The reason your account could be frozen/banned could be because we are awaiting approval from the offerwall regarding the offers you completed – please contact us for more information.

The fastest way to earn would be using some of the video watching offers (Which only works in certain countries), or it would be to do surveys! We personally prefer RevenueWall!, Your Surveys Router (AdScend) or Your Surveys (AdGate).

Usually we choose users that are active alot of the site and earn every day – if you generally are a helpful person and help people around the site eventually you could be a mod!

We do not not offer a way to enter promo codes. However, earnings is easy just try a few offerwalls and you should have a lot of options to earn coins!



Make a support ticket on our discord server here