How do I redeem coins on hold?

In this article we will learn how to redeem our coins which are on hold, let us start with the basics, what are coins, well, coins are the in-game currency for Collect Skins.

100 coins are somewhat equal to one US dollar.
How do we earn these coins?
You have click on the “earn” tab in the menu, then you will be redirected to a page where you can find a lot of offer walls to choose from, and once you chose the offerwall you will go to their website. On the offerwall you have to choose any surveys you want to complete, once the offer was completed you will get your coins.
Some surveys or applications (games or trails) might give you more than 250 coins (which is the highest security level not including prestige, more information on the security level guide). After you have completed the offer you notice that you have gotten the notification of you completing the offer but you have not received your coins, but if you go the home page you can see your coins on hold.

What does on hold mean and how do you get your coins from on hold?

Your coins are on hold because some people fraudulently complete the offers and get the coins, so to prevent offer walls from giving us a chargeback, (I.e. when offerwalls take your coins back If they believe it is being completed fraudulently) we have added the “hold” system, so it is an additional security measure.

How do I get on hold coins
There is no other way but to wait 30 days from the offer completion, if less than 250 coins are on hold make sure to increase your security level, so that’s it everything you need to know about the “hold” system, happy earnings!

1. Click to claim: This means that now your coins are off hold and you can claim them, to get the coins just click on them.
“22” days remaining: This is how many days are left for you to claim your coins, you will only get them after this period ( Note* all coins which are on hold initially starts at 30 days)



  • I have waited 30 days, but I cannot get my coins on hold, how do I redeem it?
    • To get your coins on hold you have to wait right down to the second you have gotten your coins for example if you did your offer on march first 20:45:35 you have to wait till march thirty first 20:45:35.
  • Also, take note that the coins won’t be added automatically and you have to go to the home page and claim them.