How does CollectSkins coin flip work?

The CollectSkins coinflip is a game on the CollectSkins site, and perhaps the simplest.

csgo coinflip

The way the game works is simple. A person creates a game, and chooses the side of either T (Terrorist) or CT (Counter-Terrorist), representing the two teams of CS:GO. The game is then displayed on a list in the Coinflip page, where someone else can join it. Then, a ‘coin’ is flipped, and whoever had their bets on the winning side wins all the money, minus a 5% fee for the game.


How do I create a coinflip?

Creating a game is very simple (Note: To play Coinflip, you must first earn with offerwalls until you have reached the XP level 2).

Firstly, click on the Games tab on the left bar. Then, click on the Coinflip section button.

coinflip game collectskinsIt will bring you to a page like this.

collectskins coinflip
To create a game, press the “CREATE A GAME” button.

coinflip csgoThis will bring you to a page like this.

coinflip collect
Now, you can select the bet amount, which is how much you (and the person who joins the game) will wager on the coinflip. The minimum amount is 1. Then, you can select the side on which you are betting on by clicking the “CHOOSE” button. The side that you have chosen will have a green button called “SELECTED”.

Then, after you have made sure all the details are correct, simply press “CREATE NEW GAME”. After a delay of a few seconds, your game will be live and will be displayed on the list, and someone can then join the coinflip.

create coinflip
How do I join a coinflip?

Joining a coinflip is even easier. From the list of coinflips, simply press the “JOIN” button on the one you want to join. On the top of each coinflip ‘tab’, there will be the amount of coins that both sides are betting. There will also be a JOIN button, marked with the side that you’ll be on if you decide to join.

csgo coinflip collectskins
After you press the JOIN button, the game will be locked, and there will be a 5 second countdown to the game. A coin will show in the middle of the tab and have a spinning animation, and whoever is on the winning side when the coin lands will win the game.

collectskins games

If you won, you’ll take all the coins minus a 5% fee, and you’ll receive a notification.

coinflip game
Did you know that you can join your own Coinflip game? You’ll of course win, but will lose 5% of your bets because of the fee, so probably don’t do it. You’ll also receive a special message like this:

Notes regarding coinflip:

  • You can choose whether there are coin flipping animations with the switch at the left middle side of the screen.
  • The coin flipping animation is randomised, which means that you can’t actually predict the outcome of the coinflip based on the animation.
  • You have to be mindful of the 5% fee (from the total pool) with each coin flip. For example, if you and another person each bet 50 on a coin flip, and you win, you would gain 95, which is 100 (50+50) minus the 5% fee.