How does the collectskins craft game work

This support article is about how the craft system works in CollectSkins.com.

Starting with what exactly a craft is:
Craft is a game mode wherein you exchange some coins with the chance on winning a skin.
Once you have clicked on the ‘craft skin’ button, you will be redirected to a crafting page. Now you are free to craft the skin of your choice.
Depending on your craft, you will either get a craft success page or a craft fail page. If it shows your craft has failed, the craft was not successful, and if it shows ‘craft successful’ it means the craft was successful and you will get your coins. Remember – a successful craft does not give you the skin itself, but rather the coins it costs so you get to buy your skin! In craft your output percentage must be greater than 10 percent and lower than 75 percent, otherwise, it won’t let you craft it. Also, keep in mind, the craft is a game – which means you might not win even if your percentage is a solid 75 – but do not let that put you down, keep trying! 

collectskins craft game

  1. Price: This is the actual cost of the item.
  2. Craft Skin: If you would like to craft a skin you have to click on this and after that, it will take you to the page where you can start your craft.

collectskins craft

  1. Enter your price: Here is the place where you enter your coins
  2. Chance to craft: Once you have entered your coins your chance to craft the item will be there.
  3. Lets craft: Once you have entered your coins, you will be able to craft your skin.
  4. I’ve changed my mind: If you’re not feeling risky and you just want to buy the skin, you can just click “I’ve changed my mind” and it will take you back.



  • I successfully crafted my item, but I did not get the skin?
    • You will not get the skin, but you will get the coins to buy the skins
  • I have put in the coins, but the craft button is gray, how do I fix this?
    • Your craft percentage must be anywhere between 10 percent and 75 percent anything more or less than that, you will not be able to craft then