How does the collectskins p2p shop work?

Collectskins skins shop is P2P (Peer to Peer) powered by Waxpeer. As you might have noticed there are loads of items avaiable on the shop, they all from the sellers on waxpeer. Whenever you buy an item, the seller on waxpeer gets a notification and sends you a trade containing the items you bought from the Collectskins shop.


How does the P2P system work?
The P2P system stands for Peer to Peer or player to player. The buyers buy skins directly from the seller and the seller sends a trade offer to the buyer containing the items that were bought by the buyer. There is a very slim chance of being scammed because of all the progress being monitored on the waxpeer site. The P2P was precisely introduced to avoid getting the items a 7-day trade lock and complete transactions in a matter of few minutes.

Why items cost a bit more than their original price?
It is due to the fact that the sellers have to pay 5.9% fees on all the items they sell. So they set the price a bit more so they could compensate for the fees.

What happens if the seller doesn’t send the item?
No need to be worried when the seller does not send the item. After the transaction time ends you will be fully refunded your coins on the collectskins site. Beware that if you consistently troll sellers by not accepting their trade offers within the given time you might get banned from buying on the waxpeer site.

If I run into a problem whom should I contact?
If you run into some kind of problem regarding the P2P shop, please feel free to reach out on the collectskins discord. Alternatively, you can contact waxpeer support by navigating through their website.

Can I get coins on collectskins by selling my items on waxpeer?
No, unfortunately, you can’t get coins by selling your items on waxpeer. However, if you want to sell your items on waxpeer you will receive the balance on waxpeer itself which then you can cash out or buy other items.

How can I find the specific items I am looking for?
You can use the filters on our shop on the website on the top to adjust the price. You can also use the search bar to search for the items you are looking for. Once you find the item you are looking for, you can see all the items of that type listed. You can buy the best price or best float whichever suits you.

That’s all you need to know about the P2P shop on collectskins. If you have any more questions contact us on our discord.
If you want more information regarding waxpeer, please visit: