How does the skinport transfer work?

This is a guide to how the skinport transfer works.

What is skinport?
Skinport is a p2p ( peer to peer) market place, where people sell their skins to one another, and if you want to buy some of the skins there, you can.
All you need to do is to transfer some of your coins into currency and you can do that when you go to the shop and then click on misc and now under misc, you can find the skinport transfer option, here you have to enter the number of coins you want to transfer.
I want to transfer 15 coins, I will just input 15, and then after that, the “convert” button will appear.
After you clicked it, your coins won’t directly be transferred into skinport but you will get a code for example “ME7H-MHLW-8LOA-4Z6U”. After your purchase you can find this code on your home page under “latest withdrawals” make sure to copy this code and head on over to skinport.com.
On skinport click on your profile, then click on deposit, here on the top right of your screen it will be written “ redeem voucher? “ click on that and enter your code after that you will get your cash at skinport, and from here you can start shopping (Note* a small fee will be taken every time you transfer some coins).

How does the skinport transfer work?

  1. Amount of coins: Here, you will enter how many coins you want to transfer to skin port, make sure it’s above 10 coins and is below 500 euros, it won’t let you transfer that much.
  2. Amount you will receive: After you have entered how much you want it will show how much you will receive it is not exact coins to price as we take a small fee.
  3. Convert now: When you click this button you have successfully converted your coins, after this you will receive your code, to get the code go to home and look at recent withdrawals your code will be written there, then copy the code go to skin port and redeem your cash.


  •  I tried converting my coins but it did not work, how do I fix this?
  •  Well there are two answers for this question.
  •  One of the fix that works for most of the people is if you try to put 2 coins less or more, for example if you are having trouble converting 20 coins try 22,18 or 25
  •  The other reason might be that we have run out of skin port balance and we are refilling it, if it is because of this, it may take some time
  • I tried using the code, but it showed “code not found” in skin port, how do I fix this.
  • Usually it works best if you try and write it down but instead copy and paste it, but if for some reason that’s not working, make sure if you have typed yours ‘0’s and ‘O’ correctly because that is a very common mistake.