How does the collectskins top list work?

This guide will be about how the top list on collectskins work.

You can access it by clicking the tab “top” or going to the site https://app.collectskins.com/top.

Each month, on the 1st, the list is reset, and the previous month’s winners are rewarded. The list is as follows

  • 1st place gets 3000 coins ($30)
  • 2nd place gets 1500 coins ($15)
  • 3rd place gets 750 coins ($7.50)
  • 4th place gets 250 coins ($2.50)
  • 5th place gets 200 coins ($2)
  • 6th place gets 100 coins ($1)
  • 7th place gets 80 coins ($0.80)
  • 8th place gets 60 coins ($0.60)
  • 9th place gets 40 coins ($0.40)
  • 10th place gets 20 coins ($0.20)
  • 11th place gets 10 coins ($0.10)

Those who get highly placed on the leaderboard (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will get a medal next to their name for the following month to show their high placing.

You can get on the top list by being one of the top earners on our site, through earning on offerwalls. Gambling winnings do not count towards the top list.

Thanks for reading this article about the Top List on collectskins.com. Have a great day!