How does Wheel of Joshua work?

The new Collectskins 2.0 comes with many things that weren’t in the previous version. It has many things such as the new p2p shop, now you do not have to worry about the items taking time to stock up or making requests for that specific item. And a new “fine” game created by one of our owners called the “Wheel of Joshua”. An amazing game created by Joshua and the day when this game was launched many users started playing this game, and this game is fun, and you can win easy money if it is your lucky day. 

The game “Wheel of Joshua” is present in the games tab, and this game has two wheels. The first wheel you can win 10 coins by only betting 1 coin , and you can bet coins until all the spots are filled up, does not matter if you bet twice or thrice , totally depends on you. And the second wheel is very similar to the first one but in this one you can earn 50 coins by betting 5 coins, and you can bet as many times as you want. Each of these two wheels have 12 spots and 1 spot of the wheel is being played by the bot of Joshua, you all know it’s the game of Joshua, he deserves it. And the remaining 11 spots are to be filled by the users who are interested to play. It is fun and users play this game everyday and they all like it. 

To play this game it’s very simple, all you have to do is go to the games tab and then click on “Wheel of Joshua” and then put your bets on any of the wheels you want. Each time when you put a bet on any of the wheels, the system assigns you a color which will be representing your bet and once again there is no limit on the bets, each time you bet, you get a different color by the system . And if the pointer lands on the color which was given by the system, then you have successfully won that round of game. And the colors are chosen randomly by the system. After that you will be credited automatically. 

Let’s say it is your lucky day today and you have earned a lot today and you think that let’s do a round of this new game, you go to the game and you see that a user has more than 6 bets on the wheel already, you put your bet on it, and you win, that surely represents it is your lucky day, and this new game is very good way to test your lucky, to actually see how lucky you are. 

So we hope that everyone would be enjoying this game as this game is the new addition with our new and updated site which has a brand new look. And we would be doing our best to further improve or add updates to this game.