How does the referral system work?

This article is about how the referral system works on CollectSkins.

What is an affiliate link?
An affiliate link is a link generated by the user which is given to another user, the receiver of the link is known to be “affiliated”. Now, what this means in CollectSkins, a person who already has an account in CollectSkins, has an affiliate link already generated when they go to their home page, the user can now share this link to his/her friends, and when they sign up with the link, the person who gave the affiliate link will receive 5% of whatever the person earn ( Note* This does NOT include coins won by the games of any sort). The person who signed up with the link will not receive anything. Also, note that that link only works if the person is signing up for the first time.


collectskins affiliate system


  1.  The link: This is an example of what an affiliate link might look like, In this link, the “r” stands for referral, and “Alan” stands for the user who made the link.
  2. Count: This is the number of people who signed up using your link
  3. Earnt: This is how much you have earned from your referrals, as you get 5% of whatever they earn.


  • Can I enter a promo code?
    • No, at this time we do not have any promo codes
  • How much commission do I get if someone signs up with my link?
    • You get 5% of whatever they earn.
  • How can I advertise my affiliate link?
    • You may not post them in the chat, but you can send the link to any of your friends if they are interested.