Updated: April 15th,2020

The following is a Terms and Conditions document for the company: Digital Trading ApS (In the following called Collectskins.com). Collectskins.com is a platform where gamers can come and earn free coins. These coins are obtained by visiting our partner’s websites and filling out online surveys, watch advertisement videos as well as play games. These coins do not have any real monetary value, however, they can be exchanged for gift cards or avatar skins in virtual games such as CS: GO. These coins can also be used within games such as roulette, coinflip, etc.


Kindly read these terms and conditions thoroughly before using collectskins.com or its services. If the users do not comply with the terms and conditions and fail to observe these guidelines, CollectSkins.com reserves the right to remove the coins the users have earned and removed or suspend the user’s account.

Users are advised to stay up to date with the terms and conditions as only the recently updated terms and conditions does apply!


This is a general overview of the basic rules we have set into motion. These guidelines are to benefit you, the users, and make hassle-free users’ experience.

  1. Firstly, we stress the fact that the account users have with us will be for the user’s personal use only. The users are forbidden from distributing the details of their account to any other person(s). The reason why this rule is put into effect is that if the account is shared between them and their friend(s) that would imply fraudulent activity— the user should not be taking the help of their friends to mine your coins.
  2. Secondly, the user will be limited to one account per person. The reasoning for this is the same as the one highlighted in the first point: this is fraudulent activity and will result in the immediate termination of the user’s account. This brings us to our third point, our company, Digital Trading ApS, reserves the right to terminate any user’s account if they are found guilty of violating these user guidelines.
  3. Lastly, users below the age of 13 need to have parental consent before signing up on our website. There may be some content that is too graphic or violent for the viewership of young minors and it is for this purpose that we urge underaged users to get a parent’s permission before signing up.

Earning Coins

This section will elaborate on how you can generate the optimal amount of coins while visiting our website.

  1. Firstly, the way users earn coins is by using one of the several partners we have. Secondly, to make sure users get the number of coins they are entitled to, make sure to provide the correct details to CollectSkins.com and our partners. If they fail to provide us with the correct account details, they run the risk of us accidentally allocating those coins to another user (whose account details match the ones they accidentally provide us with).
  2. Next, as mentioned before, we reserve the right to take away their coins if we find that our user has been involved in fraudulent activities. Furthermore, we have the right to hold back any offers made by users on the website. These will be held back until we can verify the validity of these offers.
  3. We tailor specific surveys and offers based on which user we are extending these to. Thus, we kindly ask users to refrain from using VPNs, public Wi-Fi or hotspots which would throw off their IP addresses. Failing to do this will result in permanent exclusion from the website.
  4. If a user in anyway obtain coins in a suspicious manner we have the right to remove or hold back these coins till we find a release of the coins fitting.

Spending Coins

This section will make users aware of how the user can spend their hard-earned coins.

  1. Firstly, as a security measure, we have put in place an authentication process. Before being able to purchase anything on the website, CollectSkins.com, the user must provide their own, valid phone number. This measure is for their good as it prevents anybody from impersonating them and spending their coins.
  2. Secondly, the coins the users earn can be spent in the online shop. Users can purchase a variety of gift cards or choose to spend their coins buying for skins for their avatars in different games. If these options do not interest our users, they are welcome to spend their coins on playing other online games.
  3. Next, if you, the user, do not click “accept” when the CollectSkins.com bot offers you avatar skins, the offer will become invalid within the next 21-days. Not adhering to this obligation will mean that you will lose some coins in the process.
  4. Keep in mind that these coins do not have any real monetary value. Users cannot pay or deposit anything in exchange for these coins. They are solely obtainable by visiting partner websites and can be spent to obtain things such as avatar skins and to play other online games etc.
  5. With regards to using coins to play more online games, we would like to bring to your attention that coins can be spent playing games that yield more coins in turn or result in the loss of coins. Users will not be reimbursed for the coins you have lost. Users are urged to keep this in mind before playing these games.
  6. Spending coins in a fraudlent manner or spending more coins than the user got, we will reserve the right to reclaim the lost coins using either a written warning or further legal steps will be taken.
  7. Coins spend are not refundable when the purchase has been processed.
  8. Users are allowed to spend coins earned from offerwalls or obtained by the games, however, collectskins demand that users have earned at least 25% of the coins being spent using the offerwalls explained above. Otherwise, a withdraw will not be approved before the user has followed this demand.

Chat Guidelines

We would like to start this section by saying that we want our community to be accommodating of everyone. This means our chat forums are moderated by a strict set of rules that every user must abide by.

  1. Firstly, there are strict guidelines in place preventing the distribution of pornographic material whatsoever. Users are discouraged from spamming the chat and posting links to external sites and that not affiliated with us.
  2. Lastly, any form of racism will not be tolerated. If we find users engaging in racial slander, they will be permanently muted from the chat feature.
  3. 1. No Swearing
    2. No Offensive Comments
    3. No more than 1 request to join games within a good amount of time.
    4. No Advertisement & No Links
    5. No Spamming
    6. No begging for coins or skins
    8. English only
    9. Using collectskins as a platform to promote referral codes or giveaways is prohibited, this spans from site chat to our discord. This also includes DMing users from our site and server for personal gain.
    10. The chat rules are not limited to those previously stated, using the chat is a privilege and our staff reserves the right to mute at anytime if they see fit.

Help Desk

We hope that these terms and conditions are straightforward enough for all our users. Most of these are put in place to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience using our website. We would greatly appreciate it if you observed these guidelines.

If you have any further questions, you are encouraged to make a support ticket or email us at [email protected]