Best CSGO knives for a budget price

” Counter Strike has been launching for more than 20 years, and its legion of fans continues to grow as seen in Steam statistics. As if that were not enough, its system of ‘appearances’ (skins) for its weapons, knives and more has created one of the largest economies in video games.

Fans know very well the value of Valve’s creations, even if they are virtual, and at least to show themselves different from other players they are looking to get a skin. Among all of them, knives are tough to find, and now we give you a list with the most accessible ones.

Cheap counter strike knives

Knives can vary in price due to their rarity or quality from $ 150 to over $ 1000. We show you a list of the cheapest knives you can get if you are starting in Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

Huntsman Ultraviolet, Well Worn

This Hunstman Ultraviolet knife in Fairly Weathered condition is priced at around $ 100 on the Steam market in recent weeks, and it is the most expensive on this list. The knife is long, and the purple handle is imposed by showing it to others.

Battle-Scarred Ursus, Safari Mesh

This knife draws a lot of attention to the unique animation it has. You can be playing and while you move forward, appreciate the movement animation when you wield it, press the inspect weapon button. Safari Mesh is not one of the most elegant knives, but it is one of the newest and cheapest. Finding something like this on the Steam market is very difficult.

Minimal Wear Shadow Daggers, Night

The Shadow Daggers in Near New Condition. These daggers are not the most popular knives, even though they have a rare animation upon inspecting the weapon. Players don’t like it very much because it is a small knife, so it has a small price that varies.

Although it is in Nearly New condition, the knife is approximately $ 100.

Field-Tested Bowie Knife, Forest DDPAT

Bowie knives are very rare to find at CSGO, one of the “summit1g” streamers made it famous, though more so in its Fade version. Although the one we put here is in Forest DDPAT color is in Somewhat Worn state, it has the second-best animation in Counterstrike, behind Karambit.

Field-Tested Knife Knife, Slaughter

One of the newer knives is “Razor” that tops this list. Razor is not such a great knife in animations but finding it with “Slaughter” colour at a comfortable price is what catches your eye.

There are only a few on the Steam market right now, but it’s priced at about $ 107 since it came out. The Razor in this colour can become a favourite for players.

Of the Counter-Strike cosmetic items, these are the best knife options if you want to show yourself different from the rest.

Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh 

Navaja Knife has a conventional Spanish folding blade and is the smallest knife in CSGO after today. While many people consider it ugly or puny, some players find this inexpensive, sweet and unrecognized CSGO knife cute. Yet it is not all the standard. The clothing that it covers must be considered.

Safari Mesh is an extremely streamlined, military green foundation with slight carton cutout detail on end. The hideous and dull style is for many Safari Mesh. In addition to its controversial knife style, Navaja Knife Safari Mesh renders the cheapest CSGO knife a perfect pretender. And for StatTrak, you can get one for $50.

 Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat

Shadow Daggers is a genuinely original, CSGO-style weapon. It is made up of two knives. Such two double daggers are constructed of a single piece of metal with handles, making it an easy and fast stabbing operation. It should be a risky update to knucklesuster devices that already have incredibly hazardous abilities. Alas, almost every dagger in CSGO has been found to have been incorrectly drawn. Therefore, shadow daggering with player base is not very popular. You have a strong pretender to make the finish incredibly undesirable and get the cheapest CSGO knife on the market.

There are two kinds of wear: WellWorn and Battle-Scarred. There are only two versions of The Shadow Daggers Rust Hood. It’s one of the characteristics of Rust Coat’s finish. After all, it would be odd to have a new, but the rusty computer of the plant. There is a standard edition for around 50 and a StatTrak variant for 75, a cheap CSGO knife.

Navaja Knife | Night Stripe

A more controversial style of a fantastic CSGO sword. I think we’ll see all more today … An effortless utilitarian finishing created by spray-painting the knife with the template for tape masks. Even if it’s so easy, I like it very much personally. The expensive and vibrant CSGO cutlery skin is a pleasant improvement. Where the quality is involved, you get almost all wear rates at a price point of $40-$70, except Factory New, which may go up to $250. It means that, although it may be regarded as the cheapest knife in CSGO, Navaja Knife Night Stripe also has its supporters.

Falchion Knife | Urban Masked

Still, I don’t even get this. Falchion Knife looks cool, perhaps not so cold like Bayonet, Karambit or Gut Knife, but it’s still nice, engaging in form.

It still lands with many inexpensive, $60-$110, CSGO skins for both vanilla and StatTrak for some reason. It can be correlated with its finish this low quality. Urban Masked is quite tactical and truthful, but very dull clothing, particularly in the context of Lore or Crimson Site. It’s quite boring.